3 Common Mistakes While Purchasing Camping Water Filters

Camping should be the most relaxing and simplest of holiday options. After all, it’s one of the greatest chances to enjoy the beauty of nature from close quarters, bond with your loved ones, and of course, sleep under the stars. However, if you can’t plan the minutest of details, the entire experience of camping might turn out to be extremely chaotic. Committing mistakes like choosing the wrong sized tent, relying on barbecues or campfires for cooking or not testing the different equipments beforehand can make the camping horrible. But then, all these mistakes are avoidable if you are a little careful. However, safe drinking water is one thing that you just can’t ignore while camping. You surely wouldn’t want to fall ill or suffer from stomach ailments while out there just because you consumed contaminated water. This is why you should take camping water filters along and be very careful while choosing one.

At times, purchasing the right camping water filters can become overwhelming than selecting the right footwear. There are countless factors to consider, right from the weight, size and duration of treatment to complicated factors like longevity of the system. If you try to compare and combine all these factors and then choose camping water filters, it will turn out to be an extremely hectic job. As an alternative, you can keep a note of some of the most common mistakes that are committed while buying these types of filters and steer clear of them.

Here are three such mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Not considering the weight of a filter – This should be one of the prime concerns while buying camping water filters. There are filters that can purify just a couple ounces of water and then, there are systems that can purify more than 23 ounces of water. You must consider the activities that you are going to indulge in and then choose a system accordingly. If you are planning to travel internationally, you should opt for a heavy, yet highly effective system. In case you are planning to hike a long distance, you should opt for a lightweight system.
  2. Not checking the effectiveness of a filter – One of the most common mistakes that hikers often commit is to overlook the effectiveness of a system. Most of the times, they just pick up camping water filters randomly. You need to know about the different types of pathogens present in water and the filters that help eliminate those. For instance, bacteria can be eliminated by all types of systems, while cryptosporidium can be eliminated only by UV purifiers and filters. It’s advisable to note your requirements beforehand, and then choose a filter accordingly.
  3. Not considering the filter material – There are different types of filter material available in the market. Right from ceramic and fiberglass to hollow fiber and structured matrix, a wide variety of materials are used in camping water filters. You need to check different options available and choose the most apt one suitable to your camping activities.

These are the top three mistakes that people often commit while choosing camping water filters. Make sure you consider these factors well in advance and then pick the right camping water filters to keep stomach ailments away.